"Sex Is Stupid", 1978

“Sex Is Stupid”, 1978

Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art

Our intention was to drive the crowd joyously mad with intermittent absurdist monologues and dance music. The auctioning of art was also part of the continuum with a live auctioneer. We are wearing masks of our faces.


"Forget Everything You Know", 1979-80

“Forget Everything You Know”, 1979- 80

A thousand art fans showed up for Bob & Bob’s 12 hour performance art spectacle/art happening in LAICA’s gigantic warehouse on Traction Ave. There was 100 feet of blank canvas along the walls with gallons and gallons of gold and silver paint. Those in attendance were not spectators…they became the ‘artists’. The entire space was filled waist deep in popcorn. Wippos band of 5 synthesiser players performed for 12 hours while the huge crowd painted and partied thru the night.Bob & Bob were high above the crowd in the rafters painted gold and silver. They chanted “Forget everything you know about…(well, fill in the blank)” ALL NIGHT LONG. It was a legendary freak show.


"Russia Needs Help", 1980

“Russia Needs Help”, 1980

Russia had just invaded Afghanistan. The American public was passionately involved and divided in opinion. Some even wanted to go to war with the Russians. The American media naturally made Russia out to be trouble-makers. Maybe they were, but we wondered if perhaps another view might be appropriate. Maybe Russia was in trouble. We had always been taught to hate the Russians and get ready to fight them. We wanted to break that habit of hatred and propose a more compassionate view. We prepared a sixty minute audio program that expressed this investigation in conjunction to our static presence as protest dolls high above the crowds. We thought they were going to kill us” – Bob & Bob


Across America", 1981, Tortue Gallery, Los Angeles and the WPA, Washington DC

“Across America”, 1981

This was a multi media performance including a complex audio Bob & Bob had recorded from around America featuring interviews, livestock auctions, football fights, hillbilly tales etc.. There were also photo projections and costume changes as Bob & Bob ‘monologued’ and constructed a map of the country with strategically placed words.


Bob & Bob onstage with The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, 1973

“Live Your Own Life 76”

Bob & Bob’s first performance for an audience occurred in the middle of a musical set by The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo in December of 1973. Bob & Bob walked on stage throwing money at the audience and singing their original song “You’ve Got To Live Your Own Life” which repeats that line over and over and over. As Bob & Bob sang, they tried to wrestle away the musician’s instruments. They were easily beat down as they continued to sing.


ON PATROL 1975-1978

On Patrol 1975-1978

Our first studio was located in the heart of the Beverly Hills dining/shopping district. Our landlord, and next door o ce neighbor was the actor Fred MacMurray. It was an old and run down building on the corner of Beverly Drive at Santa Monica Blvd.. But for $100 a month we had a 600 square foot studio on the fifth floor with great light.



Here’s The News, 1980

Performed in Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, DC. Preceding the live painting, Bob & Bob showed their new 3 part film “Here’s The News”. In the film, Bob & Bob are sitting in chairs as the background continually changes. An example of which can be seen on this website. After the film, a soundtrack began that was a collage of recordings Bob & Bob had made while touring America to promote the book “Bob & Bob: The First Five Years”. A slide projector on wheels was being frantically rolled around the room and projecting images on the wall. Bob & Bob were equally frenetic as they traced and improvised over the projections. When the painting was complete, Bob & Bob cut it into pieces and gave it to the audience.



“Perfotjed”, 1983

This title is the Dutch word for “performance time”. Hosted in Holland by the Lantaren Vester, Perfotjed was an international performance art festival with Bob & Bob, Chris Burden, Paul McCarthy, Johanna Went, James Lee Byers and other artists from around the world.


Bob & Bob “Simple & Effective”, 1977, MITB Records

Musical Performances

When Bob & Bob released “Simple & Effective” in late ’77, they began performing their original songs live. Images on this site are from several of these musical performances including “The Fab Two” , “Brace Yourself For Action” and “Live at the Kitchen in New York City”.

Aside from performing their songs, these shows also featured films and live- painting.